We announced our Supplier Sustainability Manifesto in line with our Future. Now vision.

Tedarikçi Sürdürülebilirlik Konferansı

We took another important step toward achieving our long-term sustainability goals, laid out with our “Future. Now” vision, and announced the “Supplier Sustainability Manifesto” at the Supplier Sustainability Conference, which we organized to lead transformation across our ecosystem with our suppliers.

On our journey to prepare more than 300 suppliers to become carbon-neutral by 2035 in line with our goal of working with the leading sustainable supply chain, this manifesto provides a clear roadmap. We aim to communicate our sustainability understanding to our business partners and to ensure that all the suppliers in our value chain align with our environmental, social, and governance sustainability approach.

At the conference, we also presented certificates to suppliers who achieved successful scores in 2022 and shared information on how the carbon transition program will be carried out across our supply chain and how supplier sustainability assessments will be integrated into the purchasing decisions.

Supplier Sustainability Manifesto

At Ford Otosan, we aim to “work with the leading sustainable supply chain” in line with our sustainability policies, created according to the UN Global Compact principles.

As Ford Otosan suppliers, we declare our commitments:

• In line with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5° C , we will prioritize projects that support the “Carbon Neutral Logistics” and “Carbon Neutral Supply Chain” targets by 2035 and the “Net Zero Carbon” target by 2050. We will implement energy efficiency projects, increase the use of renewable materials and energy sources in design, activities, and reporting.

• In line with our Water Policy, we will reduce product-specific water consumption caused by operational processes, prioritize innovative, sustainable water management systems in new investments and projects, and focus on water management primarily in locations where water stress is observed.

• We will develop projects and applications to prevent waste generation, reduce waste at the source, explore the use of alternative raw materials, and reduce waste sent to landfill within the scope of the circular economy.

• We oppose the use of language that reinforces stereotypes targeting gender, sexual orientation, race, or physical characteristics in all our processes. We encourage open, fair, non-violent communication, adopt an equality policy, and collaborate with organizations that value human rights.

• We fundamentally believe that contributing to society is one of key the factors required for success. Therefore, we see community investment projects, donations, and sponsorship activities as an essential way of supporting communities in the countries where we operate.

• In all our operations and transactions, we adhere to applicable laws, international agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party, and UN Global Compact, act with honesty and integrity, and adopt the accountability and transparency principles. Implementing these principles requires the personal commitment and accountability of Ford Otosan and all its suppliers within these high standards of integrity.

• Accordingly, we are all required to uphold Ford Otosan Code of Conduct and Ethics Rules in all our actions, processes, and transactions.

• Ford Otosan and its suppliers recognize the importance of building a sustainable and transparent supply chain and adopt Ford Otosan Conflict Minerals Policy, which lays out the provisions about sourcing conflict minerals from high-risk conflict areas (CAHRAs - Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas).