Notes from InnoBu Smart Mobility Virtual Innovation Competition

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gül ertuğ

Gül Ertuğ Mali İşler Lideri

We would like to be a part of the solution rather than the problem in big cities with Smart Mobility, one of our innovation focus areas that support our vision. In this context, we came together with Boğaziçi University Business and Economics Club and organised Turkey's first and only virtual innovation competition with the theme of "Smart Mobility". Now, I would like to talk about this enjoyable event; where we met with talented and enthusiastic university students; full of creative ideas.

We started our journey at the end of January and collected ideas and project applications for our Smart Mobility competition for about a month. By effectively using digital media, the most important communication tool of today; we reached university students from different parts of Turkey through our social media channels and other online platforms. Thanks to the presentations we made, we reached more than 150 thousand students. On March 5, we ended the process of collecting ideas and accepted 168 project proposals in total. I would especially like to express my pride in the volume of participations.

As we reached the final of our competition, we handed over the project teams we prioritised to Boğaziçi University Business and Economics Club and ensured that these teams received training on "Design Oriented Perspective, Lean Startup and Smart Cities". The young minds received one-on-one mentorship from our Ford Otosan Smart Mobility and Innovation teams during the 3-week acceleration program and enhanced their ideas. I would like to thank our valuable mentors; Canalp Gündoğdu, Aysun Kılıç Uner, İpek Duman, Tahla Sağıroğlu and Burak Galiba; for sharing their experience and knowledge with the students! We love you.

After the acceleration process was completed, the final day had finally arrived. On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, we were able to feel the excitement of the teams from the voices while making their online presentations! We were equally excited while watching the young and innovative teams participating from our countries different universities. As for me, I really enjoyed meeting the bright minds of the future! Let's talk about the main topics of the 19 project teams we chose for our final event:

  • Shared Transport Modes
  • Accessibility
  • Endpoint
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Alternative Transport Modes (By Sea)
  • Sustainability Solutions
  • In-Vehicle Security Systems
  • Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Smart Parking Applications
  • Smart City Applications
  • Multi-Modal Transport Applications

Our finalists created solutions by taking advantage of technological developments for important problems of megacities such as transportation for people with disabilities, traffic density and environmental pollution. The projects they developed based on the problems they encounter in real life were very valuable both for us and for our future. Another remarkable detail was that all the ideas they generated, supported the sustainable development goals. Our highly motivated students have wholeheartedly reflected the fact that they would like to be a part of the solution. I would like to express my thanks to all of them.

After the presentations, our jury team consisting of our Innovation & New Ventures Director, Smart Mobility Management, Smart Technologies & Innovation Management and Koç Holding Innovation Management evaluated the participating projects according to the problem definition, innovative value proposition, sustainability, business model and team aspects. The fact that all the incoming projects produced more creative solutions than each other, made our evaluation process very difficult, but ultimately we had to choose the best! We have identified Su-Cooter, Fordy and Safe Cycle teams as the winners of our InnoBU Smart Mobility Virtual Innovation Competition. I congratulate all the winning and participating teams. See you in the future!