Our Success at the 2020 PHSA Awards!

2020 phsa awards

This year, we were granted 2 awards in Ford Motor Company's traditional Occupational Health and Safety Awards in the categories of "Industrial Hygiene" globally and "Safety Innovation" in the European region. We are excited, proud and determined to do better!

Our Awards

Our Kocaeli Gölcük Factory Body Production Area Management became the global winner of the Industrial Hygiene category with its "Transit Line Front Door and Roof Positioning Sheet Cutting Project"!

Our Sancaktepe Spare Parts Warehouse became the Europe winner of the Safety Innovation category with its "Safe Shipment Project"!

Lets Take a Close Look at Our Projects

Let us summarise our "Transit Line Front Door and Roof Positioning Sheet Cutting" project: Sheet lugs used during roof and front door positioning processes in transit vehicles are cut with manual pneumatic shears after positioning. In addition to the risk of hand cuts during manual cutting, the operators are exposed to ergonomic stress, noise and vibration on their wrists and arms. With our project, we eliminated exposure to noise and vibration; and the risk of hand-cut; by automating the positioning sheet cutting process in both processes. We congratulate our colleagues in the "Body Production Area Directorate Transit Line Maintenance, Production and Process Team" who worked on our project.

With the Safe Shipment Project, we aimed to prevent accidents caused by jamming between ramps and vehicles. With the automation we built on field scanning and metal detection, we prevented entries into the dangerous zone without affecting the shipment process. We congratulate our colleagues; Barış Kaya, Murat Kuru, Mevlüt Akdemir and Onur Mert; who worked on this project.

Hereby, we would like to thank all our colleagues and business partners who contributed. This success belongs to each and every one of us!