We returned with the "Excellence Award” from Kincentric - Best Employers Program!


Ali Rıza Aksoy İnsan Kaynakları Lideri

In the "Kincentric © Best Employers" Program, which was held for the 14th time this year; we, as Ford Otosan, succeeded to be among the best employers in Turkey for 3 years in a row and with this success, were awarded the "Continuous Excellence Award"!

This Success Belongs to Each and Every One of Us!

More importantly, we actually earned this success together! The Kincentric Turkey Best Employer Program results are determined according to the results of the Employee Engagement Survey. The successful result of the "Employee Engagement" research we conducted with the participation of all of our colleagues brought us the "Kincentric Turkey Best Employer" award!

As a result of this research, we were able to rank in the top quartile in at least two of the Engaging Leaders, Profound Agility and Talent Focus index scores and became one of the Best Employers in Turkey with the Kincentric Best Employer Award.

Being the best employer according to Kincentric results indicates that our colleagues have positive experiences in most of the processes they experience in our company. Each positive experience creates positive effects on our working environment and our business results; by increasing motivation and the pride of being a part of Ford Otosan.

This success belongs to all of our colleagues, who enabled our common culture to be formed within the institution!