Hallo Deutschland, We're Here!


We have taken yet another step in our growth target across Europe. After our distributorships in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, our last stop as Ford Trucks is Germany -- the largest market in Europe! 

Ford Trucks, which is in high demand with the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award-winning F-MAX and the product portfolio developed by our engineers from scratch in Eskisehir, is now in Germany! We collaborated with our new distributor for the German market, the Stegmaier Group, which has a deep-rooted history and knowledge of more than 100 years in the automotive industry.

As Ford Trucks, which has grown with domestic production in international markets and rapidly expanded its global network, we are working to represent our country abroad in the best possible way. In this regard; we look forward to bringing our customers together with our ITOY award-winning F-MAX and our models that offer the most efficient transportation solutions in Germany, which has a strategic importance in our growth plans in Europe.Our Ford Trucks Leader Serhan Turfan

Our Goal is to Grow Throughout Europe

In line with our international growth plans, we continue to grow with successive openings, even though we are in pandemic conditions. Now we leave the word to our Ford Trucks Leader Serhan Turfan:

As the heavy commercial brand of Ford Otosan and the leading power of the Turkish automotive industry, Ford Trucks, we continue to break new ground in the automotive industry and write a worldwide success story for more than half a century. We have all the capabilities and infrastructure to design, develop and test a vehicle, including the engine, from scratch to commercial product. Thanks to our engineering competencies and R&D power, we export the heavy commercial vehicles we produce in Turkey to more than 40 countries, while the vehicles we develop with the efforts of Turkish engineers make us proud all over the world. We are working to represent our country abroad in the best possible way with Ford Trucks, which grows with domestic production in international markets and rapidly expands its global network. After the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, we pulled our growth plans back to an earlier timeframe due to the high demand from Europe for the F-MAX. Accordingly, in 2019  after the Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain markets, we have completed our setups in Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg  where we observed a high demand. Now, we are proud to step into Germany, Europe's largest heavy commercial market, which has a strategic importance for Ford Trucks' growth in Europe. We are confident that the Stegmaier Group will represent our brand in the best possible way, both with its heavy commercial market expertise and its experience in Germany.”

A Goal of Having Global Operations in 55 Countries

We continue our efforts to achieve permanent growth in the whole of Europe. After Germany, we aim to be present in the whole of Europe and conduct our global operations in 55 countries in the next 3 years.