We Were The Focal Point of TTGV's 'Innovation Case Study Program'

gül ertuğ

Gül Ertuğ Mali İşler Lideri

Today I would like to tell you about the “Innovation Case Studies” initiative of which we are also taking part in. This is an initiative within the Xnovate Program that is being carried out by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV).This initiative aims to gain an insight into industry leaders' visions related to innovation and find out effective practices within institutions in order to share these with the ecosystem. The essence of the initiative, which aims to bring innovation to all sectors and to develop each sector, can be summarized with the motto "Sharing is Caring". As Ford Otosan, we were the focal point of the 4th Innovation Case Study.

We see our innovation efforts as the most fundamental catalyst and facilitator in order to strengthen our future and create strategic added value through our 'Internal Entrepreneurship Campaigns' and 'Open Innovation Collaborations'. Especially in the automotive industry, R&D and innovation adds great benefits in developing collaborations and competitiveness. We value the ideas and expertise of our employees and therefore, invest in competencies and support innovative projects. We continue to implement these ideas in our business processes. By adopting innovation in products, processes and business models, we aim not only to be a traditional vehicle manufacturer, but also to be a company that produces technology and services, directs the sector, shapes transportation opportunities beyond imagination, and stands out with its innovation.

In this respect, I believe that programs such as Xnovate, which increase connections and development within the ecosystem and together create learning and development environments in the field of innovation will facilitate the work of all companies trying to create benefits and increase their performance. In parallel with this work, I hope that sharing our company's innovation strategy and its regional impacts will be beneficial for creating new collaborations.

What Happened in the 4th Innovation Case Study?
In addition to our works that are compatible with our strategic focus areas that we had set holistically in our company, that include both local and international stakeholders as well as create value in our focus areas, and that provide competitive advantage or growth, we set an example for a case study with topics. These topics are rapid project development, an international perspective, efficiency and working times. As a result of the surveys and interviews conducted in Ford Otosan, we demonstrated to succeed in meeting on a common ground with all relevant departments. In addition, the value of bringing together those who manage, support and produce was another one of our features the case study chose as an example. 

When TTGV asked us about our adaptation to the recent changes in current conditions; we primarily shared that we foresee the risks before the change takes place and evaluate the risk studies accordingly. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed to this pleasant study, in which we were consulted for our experiences.