For More Peaceful Driving Experiences: Mindfulness Car Concept


The events of the last two years have proven how careful we need to be, not only when it comes to our physical health, but also our mental health. Awareness and being in the moment have become two very popular and effective methods in managing stress and anxiety. By incorporating these methods into the driving experience, journeys are now more enjoyable. Mindfulness Car which has been developed in Munich offers technology and additional features that add to the everyday travel experience of both drivers and passengers. 

Your 'Smart and Aware' Ford vehicle provides you with hygienic cabin air before you even get in the car. Additionally, the driver's seat has a stimulating effect on breathing and heart rate. Author and instructor on mindfulness Mark Coleman created the meditation guidelines for this concept. As he expresses it, “Mindfulness helps people to be more focused, calmer, and achieve greater clarity. All these features can make you a better driver.” His words are a strong sign of how the driving experience can be enhanced with smart technologies.

A System to Help You Use Mindfulness Techniques

Many drivers can use mindfulness techniques in their daily driving experience without even realizing it. It's as simple as taking a moment to breathe calmly in a stressful situation or simply pulling your car to the side of the road to watch an exquisite view. Based on Ford Kuga SUV, Mindfulness Car can make the following possible: 

  • Allowing the air conditioner to provide clean and fresh cabin air as soon as you unlock your car.
  • Eliminating almost all dust particles, odor, smoke, allergens and bacteria. 
  • Using UV-C light to prevent growth of viruses and germs on smartphones, screens and surfaces and providing a more hygienic cabin environment.
  • Providing particular ambiances by allowing the climate control feature working in harmony with the lighting. You can choose from many calming ambiances, such as a bright morning, a calming blue sky, and a starlit night.
  • Using wearable technology, it monitors the driver's heart rate and other physiological metrics, and synchronizes their heart rate with the seat mechanisms and ambient light.
  • Awaiting you in the vehicle will be situation-specific music lists that also support awareness. You can choose from any of the gripping and calming sounds that can be adjusted to suit your current mood.
  • Provides you with an opportunity to sleep during a break with its Powernap feature.
  • Contains special instructions and guides for yoga and meditation.

At Ford, we believe that adopting a conscientious approach to in-vehicle technology can assist in the design of future electric vehicles. In this way, we aim to enable passengers to spend their travel and charging time in a much more efficient and relaxing way.