The Future is in Our Mothers' Hands!


We realize that Mother's Day may not be a day celebrated with joy, gratitude, and blessings for some, especially for those children of ours who do not have a mother in their early life stages and the same opportunities as many of us have... Of course, it would not be a substitute for a mother, but with a modest donation, you can support these children's education. That way, you can make those mothers that do not have the same opportunities as we have in their parenthood journey happy, thus making their kids happy as well.

In return for your donations to Darüşşafaka Society and/or Anne Çocuk Eğitim Vakfı (Mother Child Education Foundation) a certificate will be issued in the name of your mother. This will be a very meaningful gift, for your mother and the children who are our future and are going to continue their education with your support. Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers!