"Plant 4.0 - Digital Excellence Center"

Plant 4.0

We have gathered all our digital transformation work -which we have been working on for about 3 years- on an easily accessible single platform! You can reach all the digital applications of our workshops that exist factory-wide on production, quality, maintenance, logistics, occupational safety, and department-specific ones via our "Plant 4.0 - Digital Excellence Center” platform and "i40.ford.com.tr" domain address (i40: industry 4.0) that we have launched. 

In the current version of the Digital Excellence Center, access to Welding Quality Assurance Application (WAS), Robot Data Processing Platform (RAS), Energy Management, Paint workshop SCADA Monitoring System, Predictive Maintenance and Assembly Digital Factory (DFAB) applications will be available under the titles of Manufacturing Information System (MIS), Quality Management Platform (SQP), Manufacturing Planning (APP), Occupational Safety (SAS), Ford Production System (D-FPS) and Workshop Specific Digital Applications (SFA).

We would like to thank our colleagues Cengiz Deniz, Engin Aktaş, Metin Muğlu and Mücahit Yıldırım who took part in the "Digital Excellence Center" project.