Fun Time With Children

Çocuklarla Aktiviteler

You can have fun with those activities and enjoy yourself with your family! Let's get it started!

1. Make Your Own Pasta!

Here is an easy recipe for you. Enjoy your meal in advance!

  • 2 cups of flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs and 6 yolks
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

First, mix the flour and the salt and pour it over the counter. Then spread the center of the dough widely so the eggs would not leak from the edges. We recommend you to open a well wider than you might think "well enough". Add olive oil to the eggs and beat. Then pour it at the center of the flour and let it absorb using a fork and prevent it from leaking. After ensuring that the eggs are no more fluid, put the fork aside and begin kneading using your hands. This kneading process should take 7 to 10 minutes. Do not be lazy, those are the most important minutes to make your pasta the most delicious one! Give the dough the shape of a ball and when you dip your finger into it if it quickly returns to its shape than you are doing great, let us continue.

Put your dough on a stretch film, flatten it a bit from the top and wrap it thoroughly. Leave it at room temperature for 30-60 minutes. You can utilize this period to make the sauce of your pasta. At the end of 30-60 minutes, your dough should have become softer. Thus, you can easily roll it out.

Cut your dough into 8 pieces as like a pizza. Start rolling out the pieces by using a dough roller or a rolling pin. If you do not have a roller or pin, you can use the stretch film roll instead. In the meantime, cover the remaining dough with stretch film to avoid them from drying out. You should roll the dough out to the extent that you would be able to see your hand behind it. Then cut it at the desired width and finalize your pasta. Dust some flour over so that would not stick. Repeat the same for the remaining dough piece.

Put your pasta into the boiling saltwater. Those fresh pasta will be cooked much faster than those you buy from the supermarket. Mix thoroughly to prevent them from sticking and let them boil for 3-4 minutes. And that is it! Your pasta is ready!

2. Sprouting Activity

All you need is a few jars, gauze bandage, and the various legumes to be sprouted. Lentils, white beans, mung beans, chickpeas, quinoas…

We would explain the process for the chickpeas, but you can apply this process in the same way in other lentils. First, wash half a glass of chickpeas thoroughly. Put them in a jar and add enough water to pass one-finger level above the chickpeas. Cover the rim of the jar with the gauze bandage using a rubber or rope. Cut off the excess bandage. Let it wait for 12 hours at room temperature, then pour off the water in the jar without removing the bandage. Keep the chickpeas away from direct sunlight at room temperature. Put some water twice in a day, shake the jar well, and drain the water in it.

Sprouting should begin in 2-4 days. You can keep the sprouting jar in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Sprouting is a process that increases the ration of vitamins and minerals in foods. You can perform it easily throughout the year. You can add more health to your salads, sandwiches, and breakfasts with your homegrown sprouts.

3. Memory Game

Cardboard, colorful paints, stickers, and a pair of scissors... First, cut the cardboard into 60 cards of 10x6 centimeters. You can use different sizes in accordance with the age of your kid. Make two copies of each card by painting them or using stickers. Repeat this process 30 times ensuring all pairs are somehow different from the others. At this point, you have to show your creativity... Now you have a wonderful deck of memory game cards. Let’s play!

Shuffle the cards and place them on the ground facing their backsides upwards in 10x6 formation. The first player must reveal two cards. If the revealed cards do not match, then they would be turned over again and the turn passes to the next player. Players who reveal the pairs would reveal two more cards. Pay attention to the cards revealed by other players and try to memorize their locations. Family fun!

4. Plane Race

Planes are now at home! We are going to propose a high-altitude way of utilizing the used papers at home... Let everyone at home craft their own paper planes. Set a starting point in the corridor and fly your planes one by one. The plane reaching the farthest wins! Congratulate the best pilot of your family! Do not throw the planes away yet, we will have other activities that you can reuse those papers.

5. House of Playing Cards

If you have playing cards at home, you can build houses with them and have fun by comparing whose house is larger and higher. While practicing your children’s hand-eye coordination and concentration, the most joyful and the saddest moment of this fun activity is the same: When the houses collapse.

6. Time Capsule

All you need is an empty paper towel roll, paper, and pen. Gather around a table and write what you feel about today, what you live through, your favorite song, the book that you are currently reading, and all other things that you can come up with. Write on it to be read 10 years later. Roll everyone's paper and place it inside the towel roll. Write the current date and a note stating that it will be opened after 10 years on the roll. If you want, you can decorate the roll with your kids beforehand. Tape both open ends of the roll and place it into a place that you would not forget (a kitchen drawer, a case, or a corner of your library...). Wishing you to read it with joy after 10 years.

7. Treasure Hunt

Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt with your children using the instructions that you would prepare beforehand? You can prepare an educational and fun instruction set where each clue will hint to another. Here is an example for you, but we recommend you to prepare your own in accordance with your children's age and your surprises.

  • (The first note they will find after waking up) You found the first clue, congratulations! Let's get up and wash, teeth to the brush!
  • (Note to be found next to the toothbrush) Teeth have become whiter, what does your pillow hide under?
  • (Note to be found under the pillow) Tidy your pencils now, if you want to learn to proceed how!
  • (Note to be found under the scattered pens) There is not much time left to cast, let's come to breakfast!
  • (The note to be found on the breakfast plate) Remove this note before its late, finish your meal, and look under the plate.
  • (The to be found after lifting the plate) Multiply 8 by 7, subtract 5 from the result. And open that page of the book you're reading.
  • (Note in the book) Come and hug me too, there's a surprise waiting for you.

8. Family Tree

It's the perfect time to create your family tree! Aunts, uncles, grandparents... While writing down your family tree, you can call your relatives and transform this activity into a huge family meeting.

9. Family Emblem

How about creating a special emblem for your family by compiling all the tips that make your family special while writing down your family tree? Choosing the colors, symbols, a bit creativity, and lots of laughter... The result will even surprise you!

10. Family Theater

Set a duration. Like 10 minutes. Let everyone in the house replace each other's role for 10 minutes. It will be a fun activity for everyone to see who acts with what features, words, and behaviors.

11. Point Basket

It's time to reuse the papers from our plane activity! First, make three different sizes of holes on a large carton. 5 points for the biggest hole, 10 for the middle-sized one, and 20 for the smallest. Make paper balls by wrinkling the remaining paper left from the previous paper activity. Aim the holes with these paper balls from a distance. The first player to reach 100 points wins.