A Mother's Corona Diary

Gonca Sofuoğlu
gonca sofuoğlu

Gonca Sofuoğlu Temiz Müşteri Deneyimi Lideri

As we moved away from our comfort areas and daily routines into an unprecedented process of concern and unknown; as a working mother, as a woman, perhaps with an instinct of leaving a note in history, I wanted to write this article.

The devastating effects of the epidemic around the world have turned into a social anxiety unlike individual anxiety. And I see that coronavirus is the subject that worries the minds of everyone from children to youth and elderly people.

When this is the case, it is impossible to think that our children are not affected by these anxious attitudes of ours. Indeed, it was a different experience for me and the other parents around me to witness the lack of excitement of them -whom used to get excited at every little snowy weather with the hope for a recess- as the holidays are reset to an earlier time and study from home was decided.

I would like to repeat that I did not write this article for any didactic purpose, but only as my deductions from my experience and observations. Frankly, I am curious about what you have experienced in this process and what kind of actions you have taken... This platform is a good ground for us to talk about. So, I am definitely waiting for your comments.

If I go back to our topic... We are experiencing an uncertainty that we all experience for the first time and we cannot get clear answers from our elders, experts, competent names (for them, too, it is a first).

In this context, I want to talk a little bit about what I humbly did. We do not watch television at home anymore, at least we do not watch news channels. We follow the news on digital platforms and inform our children as much as they need to know. As you know, the world of children is much different from us and therefore it is important for the future whether we can properly address their concerns while ourselves being in a state of concern.

I see spending time with my children as an opportunity for creative activities and conversations on different topics. Thus, we spend quality time, and I can keep them and myself away from anxiety.

There is news of closure from schools, some businesses and sectors, and some have moved from home to work. I listen to what parents tell about their experiences of working at home with their children, and I follow what is shared on social media. As you know, every mother has its own right, and I try to create my own rights about these issues.

I try to take measures, but I also try not to overdo it. For example, I did not stock at home. I do not judge those who stock, as I said before, everyone encounters this situation for the first time and creates their own rights. But I want, I wish people to be discreet. We pay utmost attention to cleanliness and hygiene as a family. We prefer foods with high nutritional value. We try to keep our sleep regular. These are what we do individually. Even my cats keep up with the situation, they begin to enjoy taking a bath.

We do not go out unless we must. From home to work, from work to home. The first stop at the destination is always the same: a sink where we can wash our hands thoroughly.

While creating our own rights, we rediscover our humanity and conscience. Almost everyone has agreed that this will be the most important gain of this unknown process. Yes, we are faced with a very pessimistic picture, but I believe that playing a little bit of Pollyannaism without easing the measures will not harm anyone.

So, I tell my kids to see this process as an opportunity. It is a refined process where we can spend time together as far as possible from computer games, social media contents that have negative effects, we will have new experiences together, we will surpass them together, and we will overcome them together.

Wishing to live those moments in the future without any loses, when all of these are left behind as memories, that we all say "those were the days"... 

Stay with health and common sense.