A Completely Different Audio Experience!


All those things we hear, we listen to… Is it possible to increase the perception of reality of real-life audio recordings? Can we listen to a theatre play from right in the center of the stage instead of the front seat? Well, could a song play in our heads?

Binaural, 3D, 8D, ASMR… Are you ready for a completely different experience with these sound techniques? And all you have to do is to put on your headphones and click on the play button!

1. Let's start with a classic… Close your eyes and let yourself go listening to the hands of our Italian barber...

2. You might feel relaxed at the barber, but now it's time for some thrill. So, you are in an interrogation room. Let's see if you can make it out of here.

3. Freedom is great, isn't it? Let's travel to London together and get lost in its streets and squares! You don't need to pay attention to social distancing because we are taking you on a virtual journey!

4. Okay then, London was great but how about giving New York a visit as well? As you walk around the streets of New York, you will also learn about the history of this audio technology.

5. If you are looking for a much more different, loud, and vibrant experience; how about witnessing the launch of a space shuttle as if you were an on-site photographer?

6. What is going on in the depths of space? Might there be a completely different world? We don't know what's out there, yet, but we can offer you a totally different world experience right here, on Earth...

7. If you enjoy this virtual reality experiences, our last suggestion for you would be radio theaters prepared with this technique… You will find yourself right in the middle of the stage with these theaters created by BBC Radio 4!

Bonus: If you wonder how it would feel to listen to music if you stood alone in an empty place, then here comes the answer: