7 Suggestions for Working Productively From Home: Tips for Working Home Office

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While the number of people working at home offices is increasing day by day in the digitalizing world, the pandemic that started in 2020 enabled many corporate companies to adopt this concept. Well, will employees be able to adapt to this process easier?

As the name implies, home, that is, the environment in which we feel most comfortable. Working life on the other hand requires order and discipline. How are we going to get ourselves up off the sofa we are buried in while watching our favorite tv series; and move towards reports, analyses, calculations and the other things that business life brings along when we are in our sweet home, where we feel the most of comfort?

1 - Create a Working Environment

We can say that the golden rule of working efficiently from home is the ideal working environment. What is the ideal working environment? What we call the ideal working environment is; places that are designed with details that will maximise your focus and motivate you for the work that requires full concentration. So there are no hard and fast rules, work your magic!

2 - Make Plans, Stay Stick to Them

Offices are designed to offer the most optimum working conditions. At homes on the other hand, comfort is the priority! It is easier to follow the work schedule in offices because there are fewer stimulants. At home, there are many distractions such as children, a game console, kitchen, TV and books. Therefore, always plan your work on a daily basis. Set yourself a goal but don't steal from your own time! Your working hours and breaks should be settled. If you don't like routines, here is the opportunity to change your working hours according to days. When you start doing things in a daily routine, you will see a fabulous reduction in the number of jobs you are stuck with at the last minute, hooray!

3 - Optimise Your Lightings

One of the most important factors in concentration is the right amount of lighting, do not forget that. Our suggestion is to believe in the sun! According to the research, it has been observed that sunlight increases the enthusiasm to work. Design your working environment so you can get the most of the sunlight. If you have limited access to sunlight or if you are a night person, then optimise the light in your working environment. Very dim light makes you sleepy while high wattage light makes your eyes tired! The rest is up to you.

4 - Believe in Breaks, but Don't Drown In It

There is a reason why there are breaks in the education system. The human brain has evolved to operate with high efficiency for an average of 40 minutes. It is not important to work very long, but it is to work efficiently. Our brain says: "Enough, I'm bored." after about 40 minutes. At this point, focusing becomes difficult. Organize your business plan to include breaks. Remember, long breaks can make it difficult for you to return back to work!

5 - Keep In Contact With Your Colleagues Frequently

Motivation is contagious. There is such a positive side to working in offices. When you see people working next to you, it becomes easier to get motivated for your work. Many people complain about not being motivated when working at home. In fact, the number of people who go to cafes with their laptops and spend time there throughout the day is not a few, that's because they can't work from home. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, cafes are mostly closed. Then, the thing you need to do is to bring motivating human voices into your home. Establish common communication channels with your colleagues both for business and daily topics. The source of motivation you are looking for is just a click away!

6 - Add Motivating Details to Your Working Environment

This one varies according to person, we will talk about the general framework. Some are comfortable in the working environment where only work-related tools are available, others completely personalize their workplace. Identify this with your working environment at home. Do you have a lot of personal items on your desk at your workplace? Simulate your home working environment likewise. Maybe a frame, maybe little post-its, or a painting or a figure that you can dive into to relax your mind... Your options are endless!

7 - Not Without An Exercise!

As they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss, this must be one of the most scientifically correct proverbs. The human body is programmed to move. So when you don't move, you go backward both physically and emotionally. When you exercise, the hormones in your body are activated and your body strengthens itself. You will be motivated easier with your work. Also, thanks to the happiness hormone you provide during exercise, you kick off depressive feelings with the back of your hand. What else do we want?