Working from Home Needs Balance!


Yes, we are going through a process that we have not experienced before, and we learn by living it. A process where our daily routines, habits, indispensables and even those that we think we would never do turned upside down; where we feel like extras on a sci-fi movie scene.

Streets, avenues, parks, seasides are all empty... Bird sounds are more audible. Schools are closed, many business lines could not provide their services anymore, many are restricted... Business lines, which have the opportunity to work from home, continue to carry out their business through various systems.

In this period -that we follow the numbers of the sick, lost and cured ones as we used to follow stocks and game results until recently, but with great concern this time instead of excitement- we made ourselves and our beloved ones that we share our home to feel the challenges of constantly working from home.

Our Business-Human Balance and Humanitarian Relationship principle, which is one of the most important fundamentals of our Dynamic Balance, has gained even more importance in this new accommodation. While we are experiencing this extraordinary process, we must show the same care that we take to continue our business to our private life and to all our colleagues we collaborate with.

In fact, it is not too difficult; no sharp lines and there is plenty of empathy.

Yes, we are all at home. But just because we are at home does not mean we are working 24/7. Our working hours are certain.

Unless there is an emergency, do not use phones, e-mails or even WhatsApp for business purposes outside of working hours. Do not think that you would forget it in the morning if you do not write it down now, instead, you can use a post-it for this…
We recommend that you reconsider any requests you would like outside of working hours, thinking that your colleagues, as well as you, need to rest, spend time with their family and/or themselves. Is this request of yours really urgent?
Comply with your breaks and lunchtime during working hours. And respect those who follow. You could do this while in the office; it's just space, not the people that change…

Thinking that the job you have is very important, you may want the other person to prioritize it, but keep in mind that she/he may have given the same importance to another job of hers/his. If you perform your business planning as a team, you can provide more efficient flow.

This process, as we said above, is a process that we all experience for the first time. While trying to get through this process in the most efficient and healthiest way, we wish you to determine your approach to yourself and your colleagues within the framework of empathy and respect and to create your balance.