We Left Our Mark at 18th Altın Örümcek Awards!

Altın Örümcek

We got 8 awards in 4 categories at the Altın Örümcek Awards, organized for the purpose of better promotion of successful projects realized using the web, digital marketing, and mobile technologies, and to find the place they deserve!

In addition to the top three awards determined by the jury for the “Digital Campaign - Social Media” category, we also achieved extraordinary success by being deemed worthy of the People's Favorite award determined by the users' votes!

Although we feel the resentment of not being able to receive our awards with a grand ceremony due to the ongoing pandemic, we thank all our colleagues, agencies, followers and dear esteemed Altın Örümcek jury who enabled us to feel this pride and joy by meeting Ford Trucks, Ford Turkey, Ford Otosan and Ford Blog with these awards!

Here is the full list of our rewards!

Digital Marketing - Integrated Campaign

Second Place: Ford Turkey - Ready For Ranger (Tick Tock Boom)

People's Favorite: Ford Turkey - Zincir-Ford-Onedio Interactive Instagram Story Project (Ingage Digital)

Digital Marketing - Online Advertising

Third Place: Ford Turkey - Ford Focus Karakomik Filmler Cooperation (Tick Tock Boom)

Digital Campaign - Social Media

First Place: Ford Trucks - Hafritur 2019 | Keep watching us! (Tick Tock Boom)

Second Place: Ford Turkey - Bonfire (Tick Tock Boom)

Third Place: Ford Trucks - Home for All, Together at Every Load! (Tick Tock Boom)

People's Favorite: Ford Turkey - Ford Focus Karakomik Filmler Cooperation (Tick Tock Boom)

Magazine & News & Blog

Third Place: Ford Otosan - Ford Blog (Tick Tock Boom)