We Carried Out Big 2020 Through Digital!

big 2020

This year, we carried the third of our Information Communication Development event; which we have organized in our R&D center for two years; to the digital environment due to the pandemic, we are experiencing. Hosting 30 leading companies, 6 universities, 10 start-ups, and more than 1500 participants in our event; we had the opportunity to inform each other on issues that we would like to improve ourselves in the future and that will serve our R&D vision, and we also organized a panel as well as forums made by 69 speakers from 9 different countries. In the meantime, a digital environment was created for the big 2020 event; in which a lobby area, booth area, lounge, and forums took place and our business units affiliated with Product Development introduced themselves and conveyed their work at the stands that were established.

One of the biggest achievements of bringing this event to the digital environment was that we came together with a richer content and participant audience with the participation of our partner Ford.

We have managed to spread the invite based free participation process to a wide audience with the support of our stakeholders; and with the awareness of our sense of social responsibility, we encouraged our participants to make donations to the Turkey Educational Foundation (TEV) and SMA Disease Fighting Association (SMADER).

In our event, which was held live for 45 hours in total; we included award-winning games and competitions in addition to improvements under the main headings of innovation, integration, digitalization, and sustainability.

In our 4-day event between 8-11 December 2020, we listened to the presentations of 10 start-ups from ODTÜ Teknokent, together with our 30 stakeholders with excitement. In addition, we had the opportunity to examine the data we obtained from our two Ford Custom PHEV vehicles; which was delivered to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to be used in transportation services and to be used in our product development processes; and to observe the electric vehicle experiences that users will experience in cities.

We would like to thank all the participants who joined online this year to big 2020, our colleagues, the event team that prepared this digital environment for us; and we wish to meet once again at our 4th event with health in 2021.