We Are in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index with Our Equalitarian Approach!

Bloomberg Cinsiyet Eşitliği Endeksi

The results of the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, evaluating the work regarding the equal opportunities offered to men and women in 380 companies in 11 different sectors, have been announced. We, as Ford Otosan; were qualified to enter this list for the first time scoring 64.61 and becoming the only automotive company to enter the list from Turkey!

By continuing our practice with the equalitarian processes we offer; from recruitment to remuneration, from side benefits to promotion; that leads us to enter the list which has an average score of 66; our aim is to continue our existence by rising in the list in line with our Declaration of Equality at Work, our Diversity Policy and our Human Rights Policy.

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index is determined by the scoring calculated after answering questions on main topics such as women leaders, gender equality in remuneration, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and women-oriented brand.

We would like to thank each of our colleagues who made us proud to include not only our company but also our country in an important global list.