This World Belongs To Us All!

Dünya Çevre Günü

In fact, everything that makes our world livable -from the food we eat to the air we breathe, and from the water we drink to all the landscapes that refresh us- are nature's offerings to us. While nature is so generous towards life, it is extremely hard to say that we show the same generosity towards it in terms of respect and love...

“Biodiversity” is this year's theme for World Environment Day. From the smallest species that make up biodiversity to the largest ones, all are in harmony... And we have no right to disrupt that harmony... Don't you think that nature, which nurtures us, and provides raw materials for all our needs, inspires our creativity and empowers us, deserve much more?

Every little step we take with this consciousness will be welcomed with generosity by nature once again... We are aware of this because, as Ford Otosan, we take our steps with this awareness in mind and evaluate all the points where we can contribute to nature.

We proudly carry our "WWF-Green Office" certificates -which were granted to all our offices at our three compounds- not only for being the first automotive company of Turkey having these certificates but also as a concrete proof of our respect for the environment and nature. Because we know that “small things make big differences”.

We will continue to make big differences with our Green Office diplomas, which we have been entitled to take in every step from waste management to paper use, from electricity saving to the digitization of printed materials, from changing plastic usage habits to water consumption.

Because this world belongs to us all!