Thank You Ford Otosan!

Haydar Yenigün

Haydar Yenigün Genel Müdür

Dear Colleagues,

As in the rest of the world, we also have been at home due to the general measures against the pandemic. What happened during this period has deeply affected us all.

Some of us keep working, and some have reorganized their daily routines in accordance with this new situation. However, on the other side of the coin, we have some things that we could not find the opportunity to reveal during our daily routines.

I have a great sense of gratitude. Although I expressed it in our daily live Internet conversations, as the saying goes 'the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory', I once again I would like to thank my esteemed coworkers. We have realized such important and beautiful achievements to be thankful.

You all know the lives that as Ford Otosan and with the support of our stakeholders, we have reached out and provided our support to healthcare professionals. We acted fast to produce and distribute the face shields, aerosol boxes, and protective coveralls on a voluntary basis. You are also aware of the facilities that we offer in our services for our step-wise recovery. What I particularly want to emphasize now is the loyalty we have shown to our elders and retired Ford Otosan members as we feel their presence in every sense on our path leading forward...

This project started with various reservations and the emotional intensity of the feedback. The formation and the realization of it is proof of what a correct step we have taken and how our common culture became a part of us. And right at the moment where I thought "I cannot get more emotional than this", I once again experienced that the feelings can be limitless and endless when I heard that our movement became an inspiration to local and global companies.

This is such a special subject…

As you know, we are going through a period with a curfew for citizens over 65. They struggle to meet their needs, they may not be able to reach the information as fast as we do. They need to get socialized, feel that they are being cared for and thought. And my esteemed colleagues have fulfilled their needs. Our 124 volunteers answered the call as the "burden gets lighter as the hands' increase, let's ease the burdens of our retired elders together". Our voice has been increased.

Simultaneously, our retirees over 65 years old were called one by one and were informed about this project. They were reminded of the importance of staying at home during this process. We asked them about their needs. 113 retired elders stated that they wanted to be called by our volunteer friends. Afterward, we paired our elders and volunteers.

That is what redefines being human. Humans are thinking entities. But is that the difference between us from other creatures? No.

At the beginning of the project, our volunteer friends learned how to respond to the requests from our elders. Under the guidance of our company psychologist, they learned about “elderly psychology” and how they can save them from anxiety caused by the quarantine period.

Every voice on the other end of the line was full of memories, gratitude, and wisdom. Communication is so important. When on the phone, while talking with our elders who had already walked the path that you are currently on, strengthened it, and enabled you to walk further, you actually gain an education on life.

We have accumulated such valuable memories in this short time that even though I want to write and share each one, it is impossible to convey them as sincerely as the real heroes of this project. That's why I want to share some of the messages coming from both our volunteers and the elders.

Seeing distances are not physical in this period of social distancing; realizing how further our hearts can reach; witnessing that the spirit of unity, solidarity, and cooperation grows like waves caused by a stone thrown into the sea... it is incredible.

I congratulate once again all our volunteer colleagues who made us feel this emotional torrent and offer my highest respect to our retired elders. Thank you!