Parking Is No More an Issue Thanks to the New Ford Transit!

Yeni Ford Transit

We offer the technologies we have developed for the comfort of drivers not only in our passenger cars but also in our light commercial vehicles! The “Active Parking Assist” technology helps Ford Transit drivers find a suitable sized parking lot and automatically park the vehicle at the appropriate location. That way, parking stress would not be added to the stress of your job!

The system makes parking the simplest thing in the world, in a loading area only 0.8 meters longer than the vehicle, or in an area where vehicles parked side by side. During your "Does this vehicle fit here?" question-free ride you can purify your work life from traffic stress with smart technologies consisting of "Parallel Parking Exit Assist", "Cross Traffic Warning System", "Side Detection System" as well as front and rear wide-view cameras.

Thanks to its 12 ultrasonic surround sensors, parking is its job, not yours anymore!

The "Active Parking Assist" technology, which is available in New Ford Transit and Transit Custom models introduced in 2019, works with 12 ultrasonic sensors located around the vehicle. The system aligns Transit with another parked vehicle, making it easy to park even without a roadside pavement. In addition, it performs this function perfectly on sloppy roads. The "Active Parking Assist" technology also includes the "Parallel Parking Exit Assist" feature, which automatically guides the vehicle out of the parking area while the driver controls the gas and brake.

Ford's “Cross Traffic Warning System” warns the drivers for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians that can pass behind the vehicle when reversing out of the parking lot. In addition, the "Side Detection System" provides audible and visual warnings of obstacles around the vehicle to enable drivers to maneuver more safely.

The New Ford Transit's front and rear wide-view cameras allow the detection of the approaching vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles, even at a blind junction. The New Ford Transit's rear-view camera is located at a point above the rear cargo doors to provide better visibility when the vehicle is in reverse. Thanks to its wide-view cameras, it allows drivers to notice upcoming vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles even in a blind junction.

In summary, all you must do is go to your destination and focus on your business!