Parking Has Never Been That Much Joy!

Otonom Vale

The parking problem is one of the most unsolved and annoying issues of city life in every aspect. Questions such as “Where will I park?”, “How will I park?” or “Where did I park my vehicle?” involuntary stress us all the time. But now, we eliminate this stress for good!

Thanks to our brand-new technology, the “autonomous valet” that we developed together with Bedrock and Bosch on our connected test vehicles, your vehicle will answer all those questions, not you anymore! Moreover, the autonomous valet service where your vehicle can park itself in the garage totally autonomously stands out in the USA as the first infrastructure-based solution!

Researches conducted in our new mobility and innovation center at Corktown do not only bring autonomous solutions to the parking problem; but also keeps producing solutions to inter-city transportation and traffic problems by gathering mobility developers there from all four corners of the world. Our greatest goal here is to contribute the autonomous and connected technologies world of the future by delivering innovative technologies to everyone.

No need to remember where you've parked your vehicle

Our connected test vehicles work at a high-level automatic way with the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication by using Bosch’s smart parking infrastructure. Sensors identify the vehicle to perform the parking maneuver to avoid pedestrians and other objects. Thanks to that infrastructure, the vehicle can immediately stop if there is a danger or obstacle on the road. After reaching the parking lot or the garage, the driver gets off the vehicle and enables it to perform the automatic parking maneuver through a smartphone (mobile) application. Drivers can also demand the vehicle to exit the parking lot and return to them via the app. Thus, parking experience fastens and the need to memorize the parking spot is eliminated.

Vehicle capacity of the parking lots and garages will increase

Automatic parking solutions will facilitate the garage owners’ job by allowing much more efficient usage of the parking spaces. Automatic valet parking service can increase the vehicle capacity of the parking lots by up to 20 percent. In addition to simple parking, the vehicles can also go to the relative locations within the garage for the needs such as charging and washing.

As one of the largest automobile manufacturers of the world, this project that we come together with Bosh -a leading automotive supplier- and Bedrock -Detroit’s urban infrastructure developer- provides companies to develop applications on mobility technology as well as giving them valuable insights on user experience, vehicle design, and parking technologies.