Our Priority is An Employee Experience That Makes a Difference!

Ali R. Aksoy

Ali Rıza Aksoy İnsan Kaynakları Lideri

We say that our most valuable resource is our human resource. Together, we shape our goals in line with our common culture and take our steps in this direction to achieve our vision.

In line with our common culture the Dynamic Balance, we have been implementing the annual "HR Satisfaction" since 2015, as an example of the importance of the open communication and transparency, the contribution of mutual trust and respect, valuing each other and the manifestation of love, as a constructive example of openness to change and innovation. In this context in 2019, based on the results of the 2018 survey, we have prepared a document of "HR Behavior Set" by organizing various workshops with your participation, especially the employees of the HR Directorate, as a reply to the question of "What kind of HR?".

Of course, our goals were not limited to these. We continued our efforts to cover and embrace all our colleagues under the umbrella of our company and to be as close and accessible as possible to each of them, and we launched new projects. Before going into the details of these projects; I would like to emphasize that we act with an HR strategy that improves the employee experience of the goal of each step, each project; and takes action to achieve all the goals we set with mutual communication.

We held conversations with our expert/engineer/team, leader-level colleagues, in groups of 15-20 people in all our campuses in the Chat with HR Director Meetings, that we had to take a break due to the pandemic that recently has affected our lives. We evaluated these conversation meetings as an opportunity to establish a close relationship and to answer all the questions at first hand without a special agenda item, and we achieved mutually significant gains.

At the beginning of 2020, we have performed the "New Wage Policy" study regarding our colleagues in the office. We came together with our colleagues at the “Information Sessions” that we held at all our campuses, and talked about our work transparently, evaluated it together, and answered every question openly and transparently.

We have commissioned one of our most important projects, our digital assistant FObot because of the cooperation with our IT teams which I have shared the details in another article. You can easily access various HR processes easily with your digital assistant FObot, which is before used to cause a waste of time and motivation due to the several implemented procedures. Thanks to FObot, you can easily and quickly perform your process, and contribute to the development of our assistant and therefore to employee happiness with every question you ask. FObot has artificial intelligence that improves as you use it, so you can ask all the questions you can think of without hesitation.

Same way, with the FOcep application, you can also run and control all your HR processes from mobile. We develop this system every day in line with your feedback as well, and we continue to stand by you with easier and faster processes.

Speaking of feedback, I both want to talk about this issue in detail and our new platform ROTA. Feedback is the most important tool for improvement. Take it individually, collectively, or a large organization; you will see the constructive effects of feedback on the development of each. Feedback is like a mirror, it reflects you; it allows you to develop and improve. With our feedback platform that we have implemented as the Dynamic Balance Task Team action, you can now give your feedback without trying to solve a complex form structure and without getting lost in long questions; and you can request feedback with two-way communication. Moreover, you can do this at any time you want instead of certain times of the year. With ROTA, it is now quite easy to be appreciated, to live, and keep the spirit of celebration.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic process we went through has added something to each of us. We have seen that we can be productive from our homes as well. That the meetings are also possible under different conditions. I would like to state here that As another step that feeds mutual trust and respect as well as towards our value of being open-minded to change and innovation, starting from September 2020, we are implementing 1 day a week remote work. This is also a project implemented as a Dynamic Balance Task Team action. Here once again, I would like to thank my colleagues who take part in these self-managing task teams and underline the importance of the role of our task teams in determining needs and taking quick action.

As the HR directorate, one of our most fundamental duties is to guide all our colleagues under Ford Otosan umbrella in all their decisions, actions, and behaviors. We develop our perspectives and behaviors in this direction, appreciate the behaviors that feed them and see it as the responsibility of each of us to provide constructive feedback to those who hurt.

In fulfilling this basic mission, we take an equitable, fair, and people-oriented approach. We take effective and active decisions with the awareness of the importance of coordination and continuous cooperation and we apply them. We do not just acquire knowledge, but we share it. We act proactive with an agile, lean, and open to the change approach. Because as I expressed in my first sentence, our most valuable resource is our human resource and each of us deserves this value.