Our Ford Transit Family is Expanding!

Ford Transit

We have added the "Limited" version; which has the additional equipment and features of Turkey's most preferred light commercial vehicle Ford Transit; and the "Frigo Van" version intended for cold chain transport to the Transit family!

We continue to develop Ford Transit which is a popular member of our light commercial vehicle family; by focusing on the needs of our business and customers. Let's take a closer look at the "Limited" version offered with the brand-new features and additional equipment of Ford Transit, the leader of trade; and the "Frigo Van" version with special insulation and cooling unit developed by our engineers.

"Ford Transit Limited" with brand new equipment and features

In addition to the "Trend" and "Deluxe" versions of Ford Transit; which enables our customers to overcome the operational difficulties of their business life without sacrificing practicality and comfort; the "Limited" version has a front bumper in body color, HID BI-Xenon dynamic headlights, 16-inch aluminum wheel rims, side parking sensors, a rearview camera, rear led headlight, washer fluid level indicator, heated windshield, rain-sensing front wipers.

Turkish navigation support, passenger airbag, leather gear knob, as well as chrome details added to the interior console, draw attention to the interior design of the new Ford Transit Limited.

New "Ford Transit Frigo Van" with high-capacity cooler

Developed by our engineers on an 11 m3 and 12.4 m3* base vehicle for cold chain transportation, and offered with medium and high roof options; the new “Frigo Van” version of Ford Transit offers significant transportation/shipping advantages for sectors such as pharmaceuticals and floristry and especially food. ATP ** certified and within + 5°C cooling class; Ford Transit Frigo Van enables the transport of dry, cool, and cold products.

With this cooler system developed by our R&D engineers, we are breaking new ground in the industry. Thanks to this system, which does not use a second compressor; no extra load occurs on the engine, while it contributes to a longer service life of the engine. Since there is no roof unit (additional condenser), the originality of the vehicle is preserved as the modification is not required for the roof body sheet, and there is no loss of value in secondhand sales. In addition, in the rear load part of the vehicle, there is a standard cooling unit and modular panels with 65mm insulation thickness. These panels can be removed when desired and the vehicle can be transformed into a panel van again.

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* The net internal loading volume of the completed Frigo Van vehicle is 8.5m3 for vehicles with medium roof height and 10m3 for vehicles with high roof height.

** Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for Such Carriage