Our Ford Custom PHEV Vehicles Are in Ankara!

Ford Custom PHEV

We have delivered the first and only local rechargeable hybrid-electric commercial vehicle of Turkey, the Ford Custom PHEV to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) at the ceremony in Ankara Castle with the attendance of ABB Mayor Mansur Yavaş!

With the two vehicles we have delivered to ABB for testing purposes, we will observe the electric vehicle experiences of the users in cities and use the data obtained from the vehicles in our product development processes. One of our vehicles will provide free shuttle service to citizens at Ankara Castle, and the other will serve on different routes for Capital Mobile's Başkent-153 line, which has been implemented in Ankara to provide mobile service to citizens' complaints, to make field visits.

ABB Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who spoke about the electric hybrid Custom PHEV that will hit the roads for the first time in Ankara, said "We continue our efforts to make Ankara a smart capital and to use technologies that will facilitate the lives of our citizens with cleaner, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our city. In this task that I took over in April 2019, we are taking the necessary steps for the health of the people of Ankara and environmentally friendly practices. We have examined examples in Europe on this subject. We aim to put works for our people in line with the policies of the European Union to combat climate change. We look forward to putting the hybrid electric Custom PHEV vehicles that Ford Otosan produced in Turkey into service in Ankara and test them." Mr. Yavaş emphasized the importance of our vehicles in the context of urbanization by saying "We are very pleased that their electric vehicles with the technology of future will be used in Ankara for testing purposes following Valencia, Cologne, and London."

Our General Manager Haydar Yenigün said, "The automotive industry is undergoing an environmentalist and technological transformation towards smart and clean cities across the world. Applications such as emission limitations and emission-free city centers are becoming more common in Europe. Developments to be made for smart and environmentally friendly transportation systems offer a significant improvement in combating environmental issues of the future such as climate change created by the increasing population and urbanization. As Turkey's leading commercial vehicles, Ford Otosan, we believe that it is our mission to be the leader in our country in terms of sustainable life, environmental, economic, and technological driving. In this direction; in line with Ford's 'Smart Cities' vision, we continue to contribute to our country and environment via our investments that will play a critical role in a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and quieter urban transportation in Turkey. For this reason, we consider the cooperation we have realized within the framework of 'Clean City' practices of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality very valuable." Mr. Yenigün expressed the value of this cooperation by saying, "We are delighted to offer our Custom Plug-In Hybrid model which has just rolled of the assembly line at Ford Otosan Kocaeli Factory."