Loading the Future Together!

Serhan Turfan
serhan turfan

Serhan Turfan Ford Trucks Lideri

We started off 2021 flying. We introduced 6 new products and services to our dealers, press, and all our customers via social media before the end of January. Looking at the dynamics of the sector; launching 6 new products and services at the same time is a very important reflection of a difficult process, a hardworking and determined team, a detailed and planned working model, and agile and effective decision-making mechanisms.

In particular, the pandemic period that we started to experience in 2020, had an effect that changed and transformed market dynamics as well as the way of making business and customer expectations. The transportation sector, which ensures the continuity of the supply chain, came to arise. We also, as Ford Trucks; stood by our word "Together in Every Load" and succeeded to increase our market share in Turkey by over 30% in this period; by increasing our production capacity as well as the products and services we provide to the benefit of our customers.

Considering Ford Otosan culture, success is never measured by numbers. Numbers are just parameters; parameters that show you where you are and where you are heading. Success is what you do with these parameters when they are at the top. Now, I would like to summarize what we have done as Ford Trucks; and talk about the values we add to our company, industry, and country; and our new products and services. After mentioning these 6 very important new products and services, I have a surprise at the end of my article, regarding an improvement we are planning to actualize this year.

But first of all, I would like to thank all my colleagues, stakeholders, and suppliers who have a role, effort, hard work, and contribution in the realization of all these projects; all our teams who planned the digital launch process, worked through the smallest details and brought these products and services together with our target audiences with the best. Although we could not come together due to pandemic conditions; I would like to thank once again our Director in Turkey Burak Hoşgören, our International Markets Director Emrah Duman, our Turkey and International Markets Marketing Manager Emine Coşkun, and dear Ümit Erdim; for accompanying me in our launches which were executed magnificently in digital platform and for the color they added. Please click if you missed our launches or would like to watch again.

We have launched the mobile application and website of ConnecTruckwhich is the first connected vehicle project of our company and serves our long-term growth strategy. This application and website provide our customers the opportunity to save both time and cost by allowing many important actions; from retroactive vehicle data to routes, from determining unexpected failure situations to remote updating with just a click or a touch.

The New Big Ford Trucks F-MAX has lead many important new ways for us. But thanks to our never satisfied structure, we lead another new way with F-MAX. We have applied in heavy vehicles; for the first time; a special series that we are used to seeing in light commercial and passenger vehicles; of course, in F-MAX. We presented the 250 F-MAX's we produced for this special series named Blackline, to the taste of our customers. F-MAX Blackline series with black unique lines that can be seen on moondust silver has all the prominent details in black. The seats we have designed with the material used for Ford Mustang models will give a distinctive pleasure to our customers who prefer this special series. We believe that this special series, which we have created for the first time in heavy vehicles, will correspond to our customers who are fond of collections. I

also recommend you to watch the film we shot for this special series with my two very special friends, dear Serdar Bostancı and Murat Bostancı. They are the best to describe the relationship between success and genes.  

We said The New Big Ford Trucks: F-MAX, but what if we say there is a bigger one than F-MAX now? With F-MAX L it is possible to reach a range of 5,000 kilometers with one tank. Thus, we provide a competitive advantage to our customers who are price-sensitive about their fuel-ups as well as their total cost of ownership; enabling them to manage their costs much better.

An innovation we have put into use as a standard feature in the F-MAX is the EcoMode driving mode; which allows reducing fuel consumption in rides that do not require high performance. Our customers will be able to save 1-5% fuel with this driving mode, which is activated both from the vehicle and by remote connection.

Speaking of fuel savings, we have taken an important step to prevent fuel consumption; as the continuous stop-and-go, especially in areas with heavy urban traffic, increases fuel consumption; and with the 9 LT Automatic Transmission feature, we prevented the time lost due to shifting for our 330 PS light tipper and light commercial trucks, fire brigade, and urban development vehicles that race over time.

One of the indispensables of our customers for urban use is undoubtedly maneuverability and low turning radius. With the Rear Steering Axle system we developed; you will be able to experience a noticeable increase in maneuverability as well as up to 9% improvement in the turning radius.

From urbanism to fuel saving, from public vehicles to long-distance transportation, from design to collection; we are loading the future together by carrying the brand new technologies, products, and services we continuously develop to every point our business touches. We know that in every load we will always go further with our new and local investments. Speaking of the new and local, I would like to end my article by announcing the important development I mentioned at the beginning of my article. 2021 started off fast and our domestic gearbox production will start before it ends! I will share details about our domestic gearbox in another article. Until then, stay healthy!