Little Happiness Guide

Küçük Mutluluklar Rehberi

Some of us at the beginning of her/his career, some of us at the end... We have been in a different process for months that none of us have ever experienced and hope to live again.

Our working lives, which we continue from our homes for a while for our own health, are slowly moving back to the office and factory environment again. We are in a process where we try to normalize, more precisely, to get used to a new normal with the measures we take, both our company, our state, and individually.

Nothing is like we left it, maybe it will never be the same again. But it is up to us to get used to the current one, to love and develop it.

For example, we can create new joys and happiness for ourselves from the late-starting working hours of this period. It is an opportunity for a family breakfast, to walk around the dog in the light of day. It is a much more quality time to spend a little more time in bed and checking social media or news, shaving, or doing makeup instead of running to the work right after getting up... Or it is a good time to prepare a nice sandwich and brew a coffee, which will make you forget now-closed cafes and coffee shops. Also, it is possible to agree on a day with an office mate to have coffee and then (with the 1.5 meters social distance) to sit and take a slip, thus doubling your happiness...

You can enjoy the reduced traffic again in this period. If you are using the shuttle, you can use this time to watch TV shows, listen to podcasts, read books, and even browse the content you missed on the blog.

Indeed, offices are not what we are used to; but it is not always possible to experience the silence of the tranquility, the tranquility of the silence; so, enjoy it when possible…

To food at the canteen, the people that we see are not the same... We do not hear the wishes of “bon appetite” from all around… We are aware that even though we sit at both ends of the table like a king and a queen, we do not live a dream. We are also aware that this is for us, for our health, for the health of our loved ones.

In fact, we are at a time that we arrive at home in the daylight after work, that we can experience the extended days of the spring. Although we could not leave our homes on some days, it was good for most of us to go to the offices that welcomed us like home and were cleaned with care.

We are very curious about your thoughts, achievements, and recommendations regarding this “undefined” process, unknown to the whole world but called as the transition period. We kindly ask you to do the “sharing” action we have done so far and continue as one of our old habits and leave your comments under this article.

Because we will recover together…