Individual Awareness, Social Benefit

Bireysel Farkındalık

Except for the necessary situations, we are waiting for these challenging days to pass by staying at the comfort of our home due to social isolation. While waiting, we continue to spend time by many activities, to get the products we need, and to socialize with our inner circle and friends through the digital world. On the other hand, we keep thinking and researching to whom and how we can be helpful while staying at home during the current process. We heard your voice and brought together some suggestions that you can create social benefits while staying at home. Because we will get better together.

  • Apart from our essential needs, we can pay attention to avoid online shopping. The delivery of the product that we order with a simple click requires many people to work in this epidemic environment. It does not worth it just for a pair of shoes or a dress, don’t you think so?

  • We can thank those who deliver our products by leaving a small note on our door. Our doors might be locked but we do not have to lock our hearts as well.

  • Small business owners are undoubtedly among those who face the most challenge in this period. We present all of our skills at full capacity. Our kitchens work as small ovens or even restaurants. We have to find a way to support those small businesses in this period in order to be able to find them at the same place when we go out of home in the future.

  • Currently, all healthcare professionals are intensely working at hospitals. They are fighting with this epidemic. We can thank them for their efforts in these challenging days over the social media channels of the hospitals that we visited before the pandemic, where we got cured, x-rayed or we embraced our new-born for the first time. As an alternative, we can send those tasty snacks that we prepared at home to them with a small note.

  • We can buy food for stray cats and dogs when we go shopping and then leave it to appropriate places in accordance with the hygiene rules. We can also please them with a bowl of water. We can even feed the birds by leaving the breakfast or meal leftover bread pieces on our windowsills.

  • We can ask if our elderly neighbors in the block, site or immediate surroundings have any needs, and help them within the social distance rules.

  • We can video chat with elder relatives and acquaintances, share songs to brighten their days, and send messages that will make them feel loved and considered.

  • We can ask after our helpers who used to help with housework when life was following a routine but cannot do that anymore due to the current situation.

To love, being loved, considered, appreciated and thanked are also basic needs. We all have the responsibility for the social gain that would be achieved by our individual awareness. If you also have suggestions that you perform in this direction, feel free to share them in your comments and thus transform your awareness into a gain for all of our followers. Because we will get better altogether.