Healthy Relations In The Quarantine Period

Gökçen Gökçe Kayalar

Gökçen Gökçe Kayalar Uzman Psikolog

The epidemic brought new, stressful and unprecedented situations to the lives of many of us. Thus, you may reach a point that you cannot find any solution to this uncertain and unknown situation despite you used to be able to solve many issues that you were accustomed to. You might be feeling as driving in a foggy road and afraid of losing control. Everyone gives unique reactions in such challenging situations. That is something anticipated. Even in the family environment, couples would have a chance to observe different reactions that they have never seen before.

Researches also show that varying reactions can be given in stressful situations. For example, nowadays some family members may prefer to be alone and performing quiet activities. Else, they might be talking more about what to do during this process instead of what they feel due to an instinct to protect family members. In contrast, some family members might be wishing to talk and express their concerns and be more together within home. Such differences in communicational expectations within the family environment can take a challenging form in the future quarantine days. That is why, for that reason, all adults of the family should get rid of their structural features and take a constructive attitude without saying that “there is nothing to do with me”. That would be a savior action.

The process we are experiencing is one of change and transformation in every sense. Everyone is talking about what they would do differently when the quarantine process is over. Everyone realizes that they should pay the world and all the living things more attention. Relations should also get their share from this change and transformation. We must realize and experience the healing power of showing our love, solidarity, talking, sharing the trouble, laughing, and hugging with those we live within the four walls.

There are of course those beloved ones who do not live with us during these quarantine days. The large family structure and its solidarity and intense emotional ties play an irreplaceable role in providing people what they need the most: the trust. Thus, it is very important to pay particular attention to communicating with loved ones that we apply social isolation nowadays. Calling other family members in quarantine, making video calls, meeting their essential needs, staying in touch via social media tools will serve as a powerful psychological medicine which is called as the "social support network".

Remember, love always wins!