Ford Trucks in Western Europe: Opening to Belgium!


As Ford Trucks, our progress continues without pause despite the challenging conditions of the pandemic. After Portugal, Spain and Italy, we started to operate in Belgium; in cooperation with Herman Noyens Trucks NV; which is a strategic point in opening up to the Western European market. We continue our journey in Europe with much more firm and confident steps with this cooperation and with the F-MAX 2019 International Truck of the Year (ItoY) award we won.

Despite the Pandemic, Our International Targets Do Not Slow

Down After completing our Central and Eastern Europe steps in 2018, we opened up to Southern Europe in 2019 through our distributors in Portugal, Spain and Italy. As a result of the huge demand for our F-MAX, which we developed from scratch with our engineers at Ford Otosan and won an award; we continue our studies non-stop towards growth targets. So, despite the Covid-19 epidemic that caused a serious crisis all over the world, we are opening to Western Europe with our breakthrough in Belgium.

Belgium, whose relationship with Ford dates back 25 years, plays a key role in the Western European market, which is of high importance in terms of both trade and prestige. With our work in Belgium, which we started with the support of Noyens Trucks NV, which is among the long-established institutions of the country as of 2021; we aim to reach a market share of 5% by acting with the vision of creating value and efficient transportation solutions.

Europa is Our Main Export Market

Stating that Europe is our main export market; Serhan Turfan, our Assistant General Manager of Ford Trucks; also emphasises that Belgium is a very strategic point not only in continental transportation but also in global transportation thanks to Antwerp Port. Accordingly, we are planning to continue our development in Europe very rapidly and to focus intensively on growth targets after opening distributorships in all continents. Although Europe is considered a market where competitors are very strong and standards are quite high; we continue to increase our market share in Europe with our fully tailored and solution-oriented Ford Trucks vehicles. With our Ford Trucks vehicles, which offer a wide range from four-wheel drive tipper to concrete mixer, from bed and non-bed trucks to high and low roof options, we manage to address different expectations both for long road trips, construction works and urban needs.