Extraordinary Protection Method by Ford

Boya Koruma

Bird droppings are a common complaint for all of us... Well, there is a king of consolation if they drop on us, hinting luck, so we would immediately buy a lottery ticket and wait in hope... However, when they leave a smudge off on our cars, that hope turns into desperation that causes worry for the paint of our vehicles.

Our researchers at Ford Global have been studying to protect the car paint against this acidic structure by developing the car-paint-damaging acidic structure of bird droppings in the laboratory environment. They have discovered that bird droppings vary on acidity in accordance with the animals' feeding patterns. Thus, Ford Global researchers developed sample pieces by taking these differences into account. To reflect consumers' vehicle usage under extreme temperatures, they push the boundaries of paint-corrosion-protection by spraying those samples on the test panels which were heated at 40°C, 50°C and 60°C in an oven.

Moreover, in addition to these bird dropping tests, our researchers aim for the maximum protection in car paint by performing tests for pollen and sticky tree sap.