Applause Is Not Enough, We Will Produce Masks!

Siperlik maske

We are here with all our support to meet the increasing need for medical supplies due to the COVID-19 outbreak!

Our General Manager Haydar Yenigün explained that after negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Health, we have completed our prototype experiments with 3D printers, we will start mass production with the mold we have developed together with our sub-industry, and we will produce face masks for our healthcare professionals who burn the candle at both ends.

The drawings of the prototype obtained from the open source have been redesigned considering the comments and needs of our healthcare personnel. The most important difference from its counterparts is that it provides protection that may be necessary for the situation with its 150-degree angle.

In the production of face masks in the visor model, glasses cut from PET or PETG material and additionally, rubbers to attach the mask are being used.

Haydar Yenigün, who is also the President of the Automotive Manufacturers Association, has also announced that he will also call upon all members of the Association to meet the medical supplies requirement.

We congratulate our colleagues who performed this work under these difficult conditions by saying that the better the contribution is it becomes that much better.