Another Award to Ford Trucks by Hermes!


The annual "Hermes Creative Awards", one of the oldest and most comprehensive awards in the design world were held this year with the participation of global companies and agencies and the awards met with the winners!

What makes this year different from others and makes it valuable for us is that we were awarded in an international competition with the Poland launch project of our Ford Trucks brand! Ford Trucks got the "Platin" award, the top place of the "Digital Advertising / Video Ad" category of the Hermes Creative Awards with this project specially designed for Spotify in order to increase brand awareness during the Polish launch of our F-MAX vehicle!

For the first time with this award, Ford Trucks is proud to have won an award in an international competition with a special project for foreign markets. We congratulate all our colleagues in our Ford Trucks team for writing our name in "platinum" letters in the global arena with their awards.