An Agile Journey...

Haydar Yenigün

Haydar Yenigün Genel Müdür

It goes without saying that the world is going through a giant digital transformation. All this transformation has affected us people, from our habits to behavior, from the way we express our emotions to the shopping choices. This radical and great transformation is reflected in company structures and ways of working as well.

We have moved from a world where companies are the key, to a world where consumers lead the market. Moreover, this is a process based on the cause-effect relationship that triggers each other. In accordance with the nature of digitalization, people wanted to reach the information, service, or product in the fastest, most reliable, and best way. Requests had to be met at a speed and appropriateness to make consumers happy. It has become a must for companies to keep up with these demands at the same pace. Competition has increased. Producing companies had to undergo some changes to take quick action. And that radical change ongoing over the last few decades has been inevitable.

Now, we are all trying to get rid of the clumsy, pyramid structure, hierarchical and bureaucratic steps inherited to us from the 20th century. And at Ford Otosan, the change starts right here!

In this direction, we have adopted a brand-new way of working under the umbrella of our common culture "Dynamic Balance". It is called "Agility". I am aware that many of you are familiar with this term. It is an approach that we have been working on for a long time, that we have established together, and that we learn together and at the same time.

In the literature, it is mentioned as a brand-new concept that changes the way of working. But I also define it as a new working "experience". Ever since we started learning "agility", it has evolved into a permanent culture for us, just as we intended. Because we do not see it as a product or set of processes for change. We position Agility as an understanding that finds its place organically in our "Dynamic Balance" culture and will influence everyone.

"Agility" gives companies the ability to "act and think quickly and easily" just as digital transformation expects from them. It is necessary to support learning agility to learn and develop. This becomes possible with creating an agile learning culture. So, this is what we want when choosing this way of working. Therefore, as Ford Otosan, this working culture enables us to keep ourselves vigorous and spry while focusing on the development of new systems and technologies and producing.

I hope this "agile" change, which is new, and I hope will be deep-rooted for us, will make all my colleagues happy as it makes me so. Because all kinds of change excite me.

Hope to remain "agile" in all our tasks and in all areas of life...