7 Home Activities Away From The Screens


We are at our homes with a concern affecting our lives. Education at home, offices to home... Even though the idea of sitting at home without going out is a bit overwhelming after we do our jobs and spend time with our daily efforts, the fact that it is being one of the most effective ways to prevent the epidemic relieves us a little. We have compiled some activities for you that you can do at home and take your eyes off the screens…

1- Puzzle

While trying to complete the 1,500, 3,000 or even 5,000 piece puzzles, you can get away from the stress of the agenda. Moreover, you can utilize it as an opportunity to spend fun together not only for you but also for the household as well. When everything eases and becomes normalized in the coming days, you can frame your puzzle and hang it on a wall of your home as a reminiscence.

2- Board Games

Board games such as Dixit, Monopoly and whether being meaningful for the timing, the Pandemic, offer a different solution especially for the families with children that you can play with the family and lose the sense of time. We recommend  this website if you wonder what kind of other games are out there.

3- Knitting

It is great if you know how to knit! If you don't know, then it's a great opportunity to learn it! As a result of the little research we did before suggesting this subject, we realized that we have not seen a man knitting. Come on, guys, take the skewers, and you can find out! Even if you do not have superior knitting skills, regardless of the gender, your effort to learn something and the moments will have their place in your mind as a beautiful moment.

4- Lego

Wouldn't you like to have your own Ford GT? Give your patience and dexterity a chance, the result will be great. You can get it from our Ford Style webpage!

5- Cooking

We are not talking about exclusive tastes of the world cuisine or dishes with names taking up much more space than itself on the plate! But for example, what if we suggest something that you can challenge yourself? For example, pasty or dolma... Again, it is an activity with all members of the family are doing it together around the table and with a guarantee to full up!

6- Reading

Make sure that the whole family reads a book together during the reading hours you set. You can also embellish your reading time with small treats such as coffee, juice, cookies, nuts, fruits that you would prepare beforehand.

7- Get some sleep

Do not underestimate the healing and immune-boosting effect of sleep. If possible, make sure you have a short sleep of 20 minutes within the day and a sleep pattern of 7 to 10 hours at night.